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  Chef's Night  

Chef's Night

The Willard Chapel located in Auburn, NY contains an extremely rare example of the work done by Louis C. Tiffany and the Tiffany Glass and Decoration Co. It is actually the only complete and unaltered Tiffany chapel known to exist. In 1989, the interior of the building was threatened with dismantlement. The Tiffany treasures were in jeopardy. A fundraising campaign to purchase the Willard Chapel was launched by the Auburn Community Preservation Committee and Chef's Night became one of the main fundraising efforts.


Due to our strong illustrative background, Askey Design and Illustration was contracted to develop a logo to use for all promotional materials that both represented the cause and help draw in some interest. The logo created mirrors the spectacular colors of the Tiffany glass found within the historic Chapel. Thanks to the generosity of CNY, this is an annual event and the Tiffany Glass can still be viewed in all its wonder.

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